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The Meanings of Amethyst: The Birthstone of February

Those of you who have an Aquarius in your family or circle of friends know that they are typically independent, excellent communicators, and personable. They believe in doing philanthropic work and will often be seen donating their time to the good of others. If you know an Aquarius, you’re lucky. If his or her birthday is coming up, you may be wondering what’s the birthstone for February?

The Jewelry Birthstone for February

The amethyst stone is the birthstone for the month of February and, as a result, for the Aquarius zodiac sign. If you have a special Aquarius in your life, you may be wanting to buy the February birthstone amethyst as a gift. This gift is personal and unique and the recipient is sure to appreciate your love and celebration of his or her birthday.

What Is the February Birthstone Meaning?

The amethyst is rich in meaning. Many believe that the amethyst enhances meditation and is associated with peace and courage. Additionally, amethyst represents the highest aspirations that we have as human beings. In ancient times, many believed that the amethyst actually protected its wearer from violence and even thinking violent thoughts. It encourages purity.

Historically, the ancient Greeks actually believed that amethyst stones could protect you from being drunk. The amethyst was thought to keep your head clear, which is likely why today we see it as being good for meditation.

Currently, amethyst still has some interesting background. Some Asian cultures even use amethyst in detoxification processes and some companies even put amethyst in their beauty products to protect the skin.

Why JoyAmo?

Here at JoyAmo Jewelry, we want you to celebrate the love that you have for your Aquarius counterparts. We can help make any birthday special with our unique February jewelry. Our styles follow the current fashion trends. We offer the highest-quality gold plating, meaning that you never have to worry about your jewelry getting chipped or leaving behind discoloration on your skin. After all, jewelry is meant to make us feel beautiful, not embarrass us by leaving behind marks on our skin. We take pride in our customer service and we know that you’ll love your jewelry; however, in case there is a problem, we offer a one-year warranty on all of our pieces. This means that you can shop with love and confidence knowing that you’re covered. JoyAmo, your choice!

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