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How to Make a Classy Statement with an Initial Necklace

When putting together your outfit, it’s important that you consider the jewelry you are going to wear, as the right piece can really make a statement and pull together your entire outfit. While in the past statement necklaces were large and sometimes over the top, it’s becoming more and more common in fashion for individuals to make a classy statement with only an initial necklace. Some people may think that this kind of necklace is too fine or delicate to make a statement, but when worn correctly, it can stop others in their tracks.

Consider Your Outfit

You want to make sure your statement necklace is on display so that it will be visible to everyone you meet. For this reason, you want to wear it over your clothing, no matter what kind of top you have on, as this will allow it to really shine and be visible. Hiding your initial necklace under a shirt or inside a jacket will not have the same effect at all. You will also want to choose a statement necklace that will pop with the clothes you wear, which is why choosing carefully from 925 sterling silver, gold plating, and rose-gold plating is important.

Other Ways to Make a Classy Statement with Only an Initial Necklace

In addition to wearing your statement necklace over your clothing, you can really make a statement if you wear it with a top that shows a lot of skin. Your gorgeous necklace resting against your skin will draw attention and show everyone that you have an eye for fashion. Choosing initial necklaces that are larger or smaller than normal will also make them stand out and will inspire people to really pay attention to the type of jewelry you have on. People tend to notice items that are different than what they expect, and anything bigger or smaller than normal will catch their eye.

Here at JoyAmo Jewelry, we specialize in creating gorgeous pieces of jewelry that will stand out, no matter where they are worn. Whether you are shopping for yourself or for someone else, choosing a gorgeous initial necklace will make a huge difference in the outfit you have on. Shopping with us at JoyAmo Jewelry ensures that you are buying a piece of quality jewelry that will last for years to come, exceed your expectations, and make a statement each time you wear it. Order now to get the perfect initial necklace in your choice of three metals that you’re sure to love. JoyAmo, your choice!

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