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The Meanings of Emerald: The Birthstone of May

If you have been thinking of getting a gift for someone special in your life, it might be a good idea to consider birthstone jewelry. This is a very popular option for a gift that is always sure to make someone happy. People really feel a deep connection with their birthstones in many ways. There is a lot of history and meaning attached to the different birthstones that you may not know about if you haven’t looked into it.

What’s the Birthstone for May?

The gorgeous gem known as emerald is the jewelry birthstone for May. This gem is definitely highly sought after. It is something that people have found to be incredibly beautiful for centuries. You can see emerald being used popularly in ancient art and it has a history of being favored by royalty.

Even the legendary Cleopatra was said to be very fond of emerald in particular. These gems are quite rare and can be very expensive. For this reason, most modern birthstones that are sold are actually artificial. The great thing about high-quality artificial birthstone jewelry is that it looks exactly the same while being significantly more affordable.

May Birthstone Meaning

The May birthstone emerald has an interesting meaning attached to it. For a long time, this gem has been seen as a symbol of fertility. This makes it very popular for young women, especially those who are hoping to bring a new bundle of joy into the world soon. It has also been known as a symbol of love and rebirth.

It makes sense for an emerald stone to be associated with rebirth and fertility. If you believe that something has a power to bring about new life, it’s logical to associate it with an eternal cycle of life. Modern sensibilities have changed the meaning of emerald just a little bit and it is now associated with wisdom, patience, and personal growth. All of these admirable qualities help to make emerald one of the most popular gems around.

Emeralds look fantastic when set in necklaces, rings, and many other types of jewelry. It is a versatile gem that can be an incredibly meaningful gift to give. Whether you want to give it out of love or as a symbol of something else, it will be very much appreciated by the recipient.

Buying Emerald Jewelry

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