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The Meanings of Pearl: The Birthstone of June

Buying people jewelry that contains their birthstones has proven to be a popular gift option. There are so many different reasons that people love having jewelry that contains their personal birthstones. It’s something that you can feel a connection towards. There are also many interesting meanings that are associated with the different gems.

If you haven’t yet looked into the different meanings behind the birthstones, then it will be interesting for you to find out more about them. You’ll see that people throughout history have placed significant meaning behind the different gems. Their associations with particular qualities or emotions can be intriguing. Knowing more about the meanings behind birthstones will allow you to give even more thoughtful gifts in the future.

What’s the Birthstone for June?

Pearl is the jewelry birthstone for June. Many people will already know that pearls are widely sought after. These have been precious stones that individuals pine over going back centuries into the past. Their scarcity makes them so beloved but it also means that it’s quite difficult for people to have access to this birthstone.

Thankfully, in modern times, most pearls that are sold are artificial in nature. This is a great thing because the artificial pearls look stunning while being significantly less expensive than the natural ones. You’ll be able to have access to the June birthstone pearl without having to pay an exorbitant price. More people having access to their birthstones is certainly a good thing.

June Birthstone Meaning

The most prevalent meaning behind the pearl stone is that it is a symbol of purity. This makes pearls a very popular gift to give to young women. It’s a respectful gift that acknowledges their innocence while still respecting their beauty. For many years, people have loved wearing strings of pearls as necklaces, making this the most common way that they are used in jewelry currently.

Pearls may be the most popular June jewelry due to being linked with purity but they also have a small association with love through an old Greek legend. In Greek myth, pearls were said to be hardened tears from the goddess of love Aphrodite herself. Given her association with the concept of love, fertility, and romance, it makes sense that pearls have been a popular gift for so long. Giving your loved one something so precious is always going to be a winner.

Buying Pearls

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