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The meanings of Peridot – the birthstone of August

Birthstone jewelry has become even more popular in recent years. It has always been one of the best options when seeking to give someone jewelry. There is a lot of meaning attached to someone’s birthstone and people really feel closely associated with the stone itself. This can make it a powerful gift that will definitely please anyone.

Understanding the meaning behind the gift you’re giving can make it that much more substantial. When you look into the history behind what is associated with the different birthstones, you will find a lot of very interesting information. You may not have known how complex the histories of different gems are but learning about that now can help you to give even better gifts going forward.

What’s the Birthstone for August?

Peridot is the jewelry birthstone for August. It is a very unique birthstone that has a look all its own. Some people do like to compare peridot to emeralds because it has a light green color but they are certainly very distinct from one another. These gems can be quite uncommon to find and are very treasured for their scarcity and beauty.

Due to the difficulty of finding natural peridot, it can be somewhat expensive. Most of the peridot stone jewelry that is sold is actually artificial in nature. Modern artificial jewelry is very high quality and looks the same as natural gems. This is a great option to have because you’ll be able to enjoy the look of peridot without having to pay a large sum of money to get it.

August Birthstone Meaning

Giving someone peridot as a gift is said to give him or her strength. The peridot itself is known as a representation of strength in many cultures. This makes it a very good gift to give someone who needs to get through a tough time. It’s also a popular August jewelry option among men because of the association with strength and power.

The August birthstone peridot is certainly well-liked for its meaning of giving strength to the wearer. It has also been used in the past as a charm to ward off nightmares. People would set the gem in gold and have anyone who was plagued by nightmares wear it in an effort to make them subside. Both of these meanings are seen as very beneficial to the wearer and it can be a gift that your partner will draw inspiration from upon receiving it.

Buying Peridot Jewelry

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