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The meanings of Ruby – the birthstone of July

It can be really interesting to look into the different reasons people love having birthstone jewelry. The month you’re born into seems to have some sort of greater significance. People who firmly believe this seem to enjoy having items containing their birthstones even more than usual. There is a lot of history behind all of the birthstones and looking at the meanings people have attached to them can be very informative.

For those who haven’t looked into what the meanings of the different birthstones represent, it can be very worthwhile to learn about them. A lot of the history associated with the gems is interesting and it will help you to give gifts more appropriately. Knowing of a certain significance attached to a gem can make your gift that much more meaningful for your loved one.

What’s the Birthstone for July?

Ruby is the jewelry birthstone for July. This gem is certainly one of the most gorgeous things that you could give your significant other. It has a certain vibrancy to it that draws your attention. The deep-red color of this precious gem has made it a standout treasure throughout human history.

People have been working with the July birthstone ruby for a long time. You can see rubies in ancient jewelry made for royalty. Some royals of the past even used them to adorn goblets and other items. This is a rare gem that can be quite hard to come by, making it very expensive on average.

The high price point of natural rubies makes it too expensive for the average consumer to purchase easily. In modern times, most of the rubies that are used in jewelry are artificial. These rubies still look fantastic and you actually can’t tell the difference from the real thing. They’re made to be high-quality but affordable options for people who want to have birthstone jewelry without the high cost.

July Birthstone Meaning

Looking into the meaning attached to ruby reveals some pretty interesting facts. This gem was very highly regarded in the Hindu culture of the past. They thought that it was the king of all gems and firmly believed that it would protect its wearer against evil. For this reason, rubies were used to make special charms for people in ancient times for the purpose of protecting them from various dangers.

Today, people associate rubies with emotions more than spiritual purposes. There are still those who like to use rubies for protection but it is less common than it used to be. People believe that rubies have a deep connection with feelings of passion. This makes a ruby stone a perfect gift to showcase both love and a desire for your significant other.

Buying Ruby Jewelry

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