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The meanings of Tourmaline – the birthstone of October

People buy birthstone jewelry for gifts all the time. When you buy someone a gift containing his or her birthstone, it has a significant meaning attached to it. You might not even be aware of some of the meanings associated with these birthstones. If you would like to learn more, you’ll find that the history of birthstone meanings can be quite fascinating.

Learning more will help you to make your gifts even more meaningful. Being able to tell your loved one a specific reason why you bought him or her something so precious helps to make it special. Discover a bit more about these birthstones and soon you’ll understand everything you need to know.

What’s the Birthstone for October?

Tourmaline is the jewelry birthstone for October. This gem is unique because it has a broad spectrum of colors. It can come in many different colors or even be a combination of several different colors. Tourmaline is undeniably different in the jewelry world because of this.

Due to the number of different color options available, tourmaline is very highly sought after. This also means that it can be pretty hard to find. This makes the October birthstone tourmaline prohibitively expensive for some people. When you want to have access to jewelry containing your birthstone, it isn’t good to be forced into paying high prices.

Luckily, there are high-quality artificial options available. The vast majority of birthstone jewelry is made using artificial stones and they are remarkable in their appearance. An artificial tourmaline gemstone can look amazing and you’ll be very happy to get a good price on it. It’s one of the most popular October jewelry purchases by far.

October Birthstone Meaning

Tourmaline is definitely interesting as a gem and when it comes to the meaning associated with the stone, it doesn’t disappoint either. It has always been closely associated with magic because it has certain electrical properties. It can even act as a magnet when holding an electrical charge. These peculiarities made it popular with ancient magicians as a talisman to protect against evil forces and negative energy.

Today, people associate tourmaline with energy and healing. It’s a great gift to give someone who needs to have a lot of energy in his or her life to keep going. It makes a lot of sense that it would have these associations, given that tourmaline can hold an electrical charge. It’s a fascinating stone that makes for some of the finest jewelry around.

One of the more popular shades of tourmaline is pink. Giving someone you love a pink tourmaline stone can represent wishing him or her quick healing after suffering an injury. The gem itself looks very appealing in different shades of pink and it has proven to be one of the highest-selling birthstones because of this.

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